Therapy Explained

Speech & Language

Speech and Language is an area of difficulty for most children with Down syndrome and though often keen to communicate and interested in things going on around them from very early on, language skills are usually delayed. We work to improve these core elements with our specially targeted interventions which can be started from infancy and continue throughout their childhood.

”The advice, information and support provided by the practitioners has been so helpful and very easy to follow. we feel so welcome, my son loves the sessions and, most importantly, it works.”

Parents can raise specific concerns about their child’s progress; these may range from toileting, turn taking, waiting, communication. The therapists work collaboratively with parents and their child to come up with a program of activities to practice over a few months.


Occupational Therapy

Most babies with Down syndrome have low muscle tone and loose ligaments which can be a challenge to early motor development and issues often relate to health and growth development. In our sessions, we work with the child on the foundation gross and fine motor skills such as; feeding, sitting, crawling, postural control, balance and standing. This can make a huge impact on their overall development and supports them in gaining their independence.

”…the benefits of seeing a practical session so that we can try to replicate this help at home is fantastic.”


Clinic Session Photos

“The quality of input is excellent, the materials shared are brilliant and really useful –
it’s simply really top quality expertise that it is extremely hard otherwise to find and to tap into.”