Therapy Sessions

Parent Training Webinars

Information Talks for parents on a variety of Topics.

These webinars provide insights into various areas of therapy support. They are mainly focused on early intervention therapies, strategies and goals. Led by specialist therapists the sessions are packed with advice and tips so parents can give their child the ongoing and effective support they need.

Cost:  £10 per Session

Duration:  50 minute Talk and 20 minute Q&A opportunity

How to Book

To book theses sessions, you need to register on this site and fill out a referral form. Once we have processed the form, we will send you a confirmation email. You will then be able to apply for the sessionss and see dates for future sessions and webinars on the Noticeboard page after logging in. We will send you information on our future session's too. You can book places for the: Parent training Webinars, Online early intervention Groups, One-to-One Teletherapy Sessions as well as the In person Clinic Sessions at the London Children's Practice. 

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