What We Offer

Webinars & Sessions

We run a variety of therapy sessions:
Both Online and In person

Online Parent Training Webinars

Information talks for parents on a variety of topics.

These webinars provide insights into various areas of therapy support. They are mainly focused on early intervention therapies, strategies and goals. Led by specialist therapists the sessions are packed with advice and tips so parents can give their child the ongoing and effective support they need.

Cost:  £10 per Session

Duration:  50 minute Talk or Presentation and a 20 minute Q&A session

Online Early Intervention Groups

Regular monthly sessions for parents of Babies and Toddlers. 

Led by a specialist therapist, each month will have a specific therapy focus such as signing, toileting and how to support your child’s early communication development. The sessions give an opportunity to ask questions about your child and is also a chance to meet other parents and to share experiences.

Suitable for infants from birth until 2 years old

Cost:  £10 per session 

Duration:  1 Hour

Online Early Intervention - S.A.L.T. Groups

Regular monthly sessions for parents of toddlers to pre-school age. 

Led by a specialist therapist, each month will have a specific focus providing parent/child interaction strategies that support communication development. The sessions give an opportunity to ask questions about your child and is also a chance to meet other parents and to share experiences.

Suitable for parents of 2-6 year olds.

Cost:  £10 per session

Duration:  1 Hour


Online Parent Consultation Sessions

These 20-minute sessions with a specialist therapist gives parents an opportunity to ask specific questions about their child. Parents will be signposted to resources and provided with a short summary of the session as a record.

Cost:  £20 per Session

Duration:  20 minute parent advice session with therapist

Online SALT One-to-One

The online sessions can include some direct therapy with the child and discussion with parents or carers. Alternativly parents can use the  whole session to discuss their child's needs with the therapist on their own. After the session parents are provided with a short written plan of activities to practice with their child to help to support them with their progress.

Prior to the appointments the therapists may ask parents to send video footage of their child playing with their favorite toy or having a snack and to add any further comments or concerns that they would like to discuss. This helps the therapists to plan the activities for the session and families gain the maximum from their session. These sessions are only available to Lejeune Clinic members. To become a member please register your child.

Cost:  £60 per Session (The Lejeune Clinic covers the rest of the session fee)

Duration:  45 minute session with child and parent (children will only be expected to last for a few therapy games), followed by a written summary & plan.

Online Sibling Singing Sessions

These fun singing sessions include; vocal warm-up activities, body warm ups, and singing!

Zoe Mace is a young professional singer and will be running these singing sessions for all ages and for siblings too! Singing is a brilliant way to support children's learning and their communication. The actual exercise of singing strengthens the lips and tongue and encourages clearer speaking. Also, one of the greatest benefits of singing is the repeated use of the memory singing muscle which helps to build up concentration.

Zoe began singing with her little sister Jodie, who had Down syndrome, and saw first-hand the incredible impact singing had on Jodie’s speech development, her confidence and simply their enjoyment of singing together!

First Thursday of each month at 10.30am. - We appologise as these sessions are suspended till further notice.

Cost:  £5 per family

Duration:  30 Minutes

How to Book

To book the webinars and sessions, you need to register on this site and also fill out a referral form. Once we have processed the form, we will send you a confirmation email. You will then be able to see dates for future webinars and sessions on the Noticeboard page after logging in. From there you can book places for the parent training webinars, baby and toddler group and sibling singing sessions. You can also apply for the parent consultation and one-to-one therapy sessions.

Please note - you do not need to fill in a referral form for the sibling singing sessions. To book these, simply register on the site and navigate to the Noticeboard page.

“...A great source of intensive and tailored advice on both learning development and physical development. Great practical advice, useful materials to use at home and ideas for how to continue development.”

Speech & Language Therapy (SALT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) are proven to have hugely beneficial effects on the progress and development of children with Down syndrome. Our sessions are run by specialist therapists so parents and carers can learn how to incorporate practical activities and targeted strategies into the children’s everyday lives to improve their development and independance.


The valuable service we provide is heavily subsidised for attending families and we survive purely from financial donations and fundraising efforts of our generous supporters. If you can help by donating to the charity or by organising a fundraising event please contact us using the email address below or click on the pink Give as you Live button below with your gift. All donations are very much appreciated!

Contact Us at  Funding@lejeuneclinic.com

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