About Us

Unique, specialist, reassuring.

The Lejeune Clinic has been providing specialist assessment and consultation to the families of children with Down Syndrome for over twenty years.

Our expert medical staff provided specialist knowledge on the areas of health and well being most relevant to children with Down Syndrome.

Things have changed a lot in these two decades: the internet has provided parents with easier access to information, and public services have improved. On the downside, the costs of running the clinic have increased, as have new regulations for clinical services, particularly concerning children, such as those of the Care Quality Commission. As a small charity we have had an expensive and uphill struggle to meet these regulations.

As a consequence the charity does not currently offer medical clinic services. However, we have restarted our Early Intervention Group, for very young children with Down syndrome. Small groups of children attend 4 sessions, every other week on a Saturday morning at Sloane Square.
The sessions provide direct and effective advice, expertise and reassurance for parents of children with Down syndrome.

If you have a child under the age of 5 who would benefit from Speech & Language Therapy (SALT) and Occupational Therapy (OT), please contact us at lejeune.eig@gmail.com