About The Lejeune Clinic

“…Every patient is my brother.”

The Lejeune Clinic was set up in 1995 by Dr Margret White and the Guild of Catholic Doctors and was the first center in the UK to provide specialist assessment and therapy for children with Down syndrome and their families. For over twenty years the clinic followed the work of Professor Jerome Lejeune, the French geneticist who in 1959 discovered in the link between Down syndrome and Chromosome 21. Professor Lejeune pioneered a clinic in Paris for the care, research and treatment of children with Down syndrome and devoted his life to working for them and their families and saw thousands of children from across the world at his clinics. 

Today, medical services provided in the UK for children with Down syndrome has improved enormously and there is a network of doctors who are members of the Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group who share information with health care professionals involved in the treating and managing of the syndrome and so families can now access support locally. 

At the Lejeune Clinic, we continue to support families by providing essential Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy Sessions. We run clinics which are jointly led by two specialist therapists in Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy from birth to 18 years old. 

Our Clinics focus on developing the child’s language and communication as well as their physical development. The sessions provide interventions with advice and recommendations for parents and carers on how to help their child with their next stage of development together with practical skills and activities which can be incorporated into their everyday lives.

This shared intervention is proven to have excellent outcomes for the children and enables parents to learn more about their child’s condition and how to practically help them and give them the best start in life.