Therapy Sessions

Zoom Baby & Toddler Sessions

Regular monthly sessions for parents of Babies with Down syndrome. 

Led by our wonderful specialist speech therapist Cathy Johnstone, each session will focus on themes such as signing, feeding and how to support your child’s early communication development. The sessions are a great opportunity to ask questions about your child and also to meet other parents and to share experiences.

Suitable for infants from Birth until 2 years old.

Cost:  £10 per session - Currently offered for FREE

Duration:  1 hour

How to Book

To book the webinars and sessions, you need to register on this site and also fill out a referral form. Once we have processed the form, we will send you a confirmation email. You will then be able to see dates for future webinars and sessions on the Noticeboard page after logging in. From there you can book places for the parent training webinars, baby and toddler group and sibling singing sessions. You can also apply for the parent consultation and one-to-one therapy sessions.

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