Advice Videos

The Lejeune Clinic is delighted to be making a series of videos to provide Speech & Language Therapy Advice for children with Down syndrome. We're releasing them on YouTube, but registering with us as a Member on this website will allow you to access the free Handout resourses that accompany the videos.

In  the Early Speech Development Series, our specialist paediatric Speech & Language Therapist covers some key strategies and includes, how and when you can incorporate these into your child's everyday routines to support their language development. 

1.  How to Support Early Language Development for Children with Down syndrome + Handout

2.  Choice Making - (Helping your child to ask for things) + Handout.

3.  Bit By Bit - (Helping your child to ask for things) + Handout

4.  In Sight, Out of Reach -  (Helping your child to ask for things) + Handout

5.  Objects of Reference -  (Using visual supports) + Handout

6.  First & Then Boards - (Using visual supports) + Handout

7.  Ready Steady Go Games -  (Helping your child to communicate) + Handout