Face to Face Early Intervention Groups

In person Clinics are held every 2 months at the London Children’s Practice, Sloane Square.

Next Sessions:
Date: Saturday 29th June

Duration: 45 minutes per Session
Cost: £40 per Session
*Baby Sessions £25 per Session

10.00am: EIG Session: 6-10 years
11.00am: Baby Session: 0-2 years*
12.00pm: Tinkers: 3-6 years
1.00pm:   Tots: 2-3 years

The small group sessions and are led by a specialist Early Years Speech & Language Therapist. The aim of the sessions is to develop the children’s skills collaboratively with parents in a multi-disciplinary way. We are able to work on a range of areas including: attention and listening, speech, social communication and behaviour using practical activities that can be carried out at home too. 

The sessions follow a similar format each time to enable children to build up understanding of routine and expectations for activities.

A total communication approach is used throughout the sessions including using visual supports with symbols and makaton signs.

These sessions are a great way to meet other families with children with Down syndrome.

Families can apply for a place to these sessions and they will be matched up into a group when a place is available.

Groups Range from 2-11 years 

Cost £40 per session

Duration: 45 minutes