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Early Intervention Sessions for babies and children with Down syndrome

The Lejeune Clinic runs Speech & Language and Occupational Therapy for Babies & Children with Down syndrome

Our Clinics focus on developing the child’s language and communication as well as their physical development. The sessions provide interventions with advice and recommendations for parents and carers on how to help their child with their next stage of development together with practical skills and activities which can be incorporated into their everyday lives.

This shared intervention is proven to have excellent outcomes for the children and enables parents to learn more about their child’s condition and how to practically help them and give them the best start in life. 

We run a variety of online sessions including :-

Parent Training Webinars, Therapy Support Sessions, One to One Sessions.


All our Clinics combine practical therapy with observations, advice and discussion.

We offer subsidised rates for all our sessions so that all families can attend. We aim to supplement NHS therapy services and all our regular Clinics are currently held Online. Any family on low income may contact us for further support with session costs.

Parent Training Webinars:

We are currently running a range of online parent training Webinars. Our past webinar recordings are available by request and a list of theses sessions is in our Members Area.

Next Webinar Session 

Strategies to Support 

Emotion Regulation

for children with Down syndrome

TUESDAY 25th January 

Emotion regulation is a process that teaches children to identify their emotions and supports them in managing their emotions and behaviours.

This webinar will build on our previous Behaviour webinar and will discuss what Emotion Regulation is and how parents and carers can support and develop strategies to help their child.

The webinar consists of a 50 minute Talk followed by Q&A opportunity.

Led by
Specialist Speech & Language Therapist
Jenn Warwic

 Webinar Cost £10 per family

Contact us to request the Recording, notes & resources at: 

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News and events

Baby & Toddler Group
Baby & Toddler Group Baby & Toddler Communication Support Session Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd January at 10am. Cost: £10 - Free - These sessions are sponsored and are therefore free for families. Duration: 50 Minutes - Limited Places Suitable for infants from birth until 2...
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Early Intervention Group
Early Intervention Group Early Intervention Groups Saturday 22nd January at 11am Cost: £10 - Limited Places Duration: 1 Hour Providing Parent & Child Coaching with interaction strategies that support Communication development. Giving opportunity to practice strategies within the...
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Pre-Walkers Physio Webinar
Pre-Walkers Physio Webinar Pre-Walkers Physio Session with Specialist Physiotherapist Stephanie Wheen.  Next Date: Tuesday 1st February @1pm Cost: £20 Duration: Approximatly 1.5 hours This small group, information packed session explains everything about the developmental stages that lead...
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“...A great source of intensive and tailored advice on both learning development and physical development. Great practical advice, useful materials to use at home and ideas for how to continue development.”

Speech & Language Therapy (SALT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) are proven to have hugely beneficial effects on the progress and development of children with Down syndrome. Our targeted sessions are run by specialist therapists in SALT & OT. Parents are invited to join the sessions to learn about the practical activities that can be incorporated into their child’s everyday life.


The valuable service we provide is heavily subsidised and we survive purely from financial donations and fundraising from the generosity of our supporters. If you can help by donating to the charity or organising a fundraising event, please contact us using the email address below.
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