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Siblings Singing Sessions

These fun singing sessions include; vocal warm-up activities, body warm ups, and singing!

Zoe Mace is a young professional singer and will be running these sessions and for siblings to join in too!
Singing is a brilliant way to support children's learning and their communication. The actual exercise of singing strengthens the lips and tongue and encourages clearer speaking. Another great benefit of singing is the repeated use of the memory singing muscle which helps to build up concentration... and probably the best benefit of all is the pure joy and fun of making a noise and singing!

Zoe began singing with her little sister Jodie, who had Down syndrome, and saw first-hand the incredible impact singing had on Jodie’s speech development, on her confidence and simply their enjoyment of singing together.

First Thursday of each month at 10.30am.

Cost:  £5 per family

Duration:  30 Minutes

How to Book

To book the siblings singing sessions, you need to register on this site. Once registered and logged in you will then be able to see dates for future siblings singing sessions on the Noticeboard page.

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