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It is so important that all children with Down Syndrome are given the support they need to live happy and healthy lives.

We wanted to ensure all Health Visitors have access to the latest information about any additional support that children with Down Syndrome can benefit from.We are therefore delighted to partner with the Institute of Health Visiting to make “Good Practice Points” with the latest advice and information available to all.

Please follow this link to find out more:

Institute of Health Visitors

Face to Face Early Intervention Groups
In person Clinics are held every 2 months at the London Children’s Practice, Sloane Square.

Next Sessions:
Date: Saturday 18th May

Duration: 45 minutes per Session
Cost: £40 per Session
*Baby Sessions £25 per Session

10.00am: EIG Session: 6-10 years
11.00am: Baby Session: 0-2 years*
12.00pm: Tinkers: 3-6 years
1.00pm:   Tots: 2-3 years

The small group sessions and are led by a specialist Early Years Speech & Language Therapist. The aim of the sessions is to develop the children’s skills collaboratively with parents in a multi-disciplinary way. We are able to work on a range of areas including: attention and listening, speech, social communication and behaviour using practical activities that can be carried out at home too. 

The sessions follow a similar format each time to enable children to build up understanding of routine and expectations for activities.

A total communication approach is used throughout the sessions including using visual supports with symbols and makaton signs.

These sessions are a great way to meet other families with children with Down syndrome.

Families can apply for a place to these sessions and they will be matched up into a group when a place is available.

Groups Range from 2-11 years 

Cost £40 per session

Duration: 45 minutes

Face-to-Face Baby SALT Group
In person Clinics are held at the London Children’s Practice, Sloane Square.

Next Session:
Date: Saturday 9th March
Time: 11am

Suitable 0-2 years 
Cost £25 per session
Duration: 45 minutes

These small group sessions focus of modelling parent/ child interaction strategies to target early communication development. Our specialist therapists give practical advice and therapy tips that can be built into your baby’s everyday life. The sessions are an opportunity to ask any questions and are a great way to meet other families with children with Down syndrome.

Families can book a place at each session if there are available spaces.

Online Parent Advice Sessions

Early Intervention Therapy for Babies & Toddlers 

Next Sessions:

Friday 19th April: 10am

Saturday 20th April: 10am

Subsidised Cost: £10 per Session

Duration: 50 minutes - Limited Places

Our bespoke online parent advice sessions are an ideal way to learn how you can support your child's early development.
Led by a Specialist Speech and Language therapist, parents learn how to implement parent / child strategies into their child's everyday routines to support their communication and development as well as feeding and drinking advice.

The sessions are in small groups and give each family an opportunity to ask questions and pick up useful advice and tips. The groups are also a great way to meet other parents and to share experiences. 

Suitable for infants from Birth until 2 years old.

Online Early Intervention Therapy Advice Sessions

Early Intervention Therapy Sessions

Next Sessions: 
Friday 19th April
11am:  2-4 years
12pm:  4-6 years

Saturday 20th April
11am:  2-4 years
12pm:  4-6 years

Subsidised Cost per Session: £10 - Limited places available

Duration: 50 Minutes

These sessions are a great opportunity to learn how you can pracrically support your child's speech and language development.

Learn therapy strategies to incorporate into your child's everyday activites and learn how to implement a plan suitable for their individual needs to help you to support their progress. 

The sessions are run by a highly experienced specialist Speech & Language Therapist and have a planned therapy focus each time.
All parents contribute to the session and have the opportunity to talk about their child's progress. The therapist gives advice and can problem solve together for any difficulties or concerns that parents may have. 

The sessions focus on evidence based parent/ child intervention strategies that can be woven into the children's everyday activities.

Suitable for Children from 2.5 yrs to 5 yrs.

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