Welcome to the noticeboard. Here you can find news, announcements, and details of upcoming webinars, previous webinars, therapy sessions and events.

You will need to register with the clinic if you would like to attend any of the events or session, so will need to submit a referral form for your child. Once we've received and processed the form we will give you access to the webinars and sessions.

If you've submitted a form and have already received a confirmation email from Lejeune Clinic admin, please contact us at to book any of the sessions.


Baby & Toddler Group

Baby & Toddler SALT Support Sessions

Fridays & Saturday mornings.

Cost: £10 - Free - These sessions are sponsored and are therefore free for families.

Duration: 50 Minutes - Limited Places

Suitable for infants from birth until 2 years old.

Early Intervention Group

Early Intervention Groups

Fridays & Saturdays Mornings

Cost: £10 - Limited Places

Duration: 1 Hour

Providing Parent & Child Coaching with interaction strategies that support Communication development. Giving opportunity to practice strategies within the session and to ask questions and pick up tips and advice. 

Pre-Walkers Physio Webinar

Pre-Walkers Physio Webinar with Specialist Physiotherapist Stephanie Wheen. 

Next Date: To be announced

Cost: £20

Duration: Approximatly 2.5 hours

This small group, information packed session explains everything about the developmental stages that lead to walking, why their can be challenges for children with Down syndrome and what to look out for and how you can support your child. 

The session is fully interactive with tips, insights and individual progress identified and advice given.